Is Eddie Lack good enough?

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Going into camp, one of the competitions I was watching closely was the one for the backup goalie.  

While the Canucks didn’t go with the option of bringing in a veteran, they did have three very talented youngsters trying out for the job. A job, which will likely see one of them start around 20 games in the NHL this season.

All three of the netminders played fairly good and after the dust settled, Eddie Lack earned the job – Although, I’m not sure Eriksson or Cannata ever really got a fair shake. 

So now that we know who will be starting the season behind Luongo, the question is, is Lack good enough?

Eleven goals in 8 preseason periods would suggest no. And I would agree with that suggestion. A 3.25ish goals-against-average is not good enough to get Roberto Luongo the rest he will need this season.

If Lack plays like he is now, Luongo will be playing around 70 games and possibly the Olympics; that’s a lot of hockey for a 34 year-old goalie. I can’t imagine there will be much left in the tank come May and June.


So here’s how I see things. Lack or one of the other guys in Utica needs to step up this season and be a solid backup.


Vancouver will have to start plucking of the waiver wire/free agent wire.

Bryzgalov, Theodore, Hedberg, Clemmensen or Garon are some of the names that could be out there.


So, do you think Lack is good enough?


That’s a wrap









  1. twinmagic says:

    Lack’s the guy regardless of how ready he is. There’s still uncertainty around Lou’s long term committment to the team, and if things don’t go smoothly, grooming Lack under Rollie Melanson wouldn’t hurt. There’s a short term risk that goes with it but with some potentially long term benefits. Not to mention he’s an affordable option for a cap-strapped team. Also, if you look at the pre-season games Lack got lit up in, most of the goals weren’t soft, and he was hung out to dry by some suspect defense. He’ll be alright. 15 starts would be a good number for him.

  2. I see your point, but the thing about this team is it’s built to win now. If Lack can’t win more than he loses, that should concern Canucks fans because it likely means a tired Luongo come playoffs. And a tired Luongo is not going to take Vancouver anywhere.

  3. hillbillydeluxe says:

    If Luongo is starting 65+ games this season, will we see Eddie Lack getting sent to Utica for stretches just so he can get some starts and Eriksson given some time as the back up to Luo?

  4. […] Is Eddie Lack good enough? ( […]

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